Mozambique could unify payment systems on a single mobile platform

Moçambique pode unificar sistemas de pagamentos em única plataforma móvel

Mozambique could become the first African country to unify its various payment systems on a single mobile platform.

The project will be carried out by Norwegian fintech company SOFTEC, which already develops financial solutions in Europe.

The CEO traveled to Mozambique this week to familiarize himself with the legislation concerning the financial sector and to prospect the market.

Frank Karlsen argues that the introduction of the platform will be a gain for the country, starting with the fact that most foreign tourists come from countries where economies are already highly digitized.

"That's why we have to accompany this movement with more modern services, capable of responding to this trend," he said, quoted by the News.

The implementation of the unified payment system will depend on a decision by the government, which is expected to start this month.

Karlsen assured that if the Bank of Mozambique approves the platform, it will be operational in the country by the end of this semester and could cover remote areas without internet.

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