Mozambique could raise 100 billion dollars from its full potential in the gas sector

Moçambique pode arrecadar 100 mil milhões de dólares de todo o seu potencial no sector do gás

Mozambique has potential gas reserves capable of generating revenues of around 100 billion dollars during their life cycle, according to a report of the Deloitte, consulted today by MZNews.

"The gas is expected to bring in around 100 billion dollars in revenue for Mozambique during its life cycle," the document reads.

The finding points to the country's ability, through its gas reserves, to become one of the world's top 10 producers, being responsible for producing 20% of the African continent's total energy over the next 25 years, i.e. by 2040.

The report states that the country could position itself to contribute significantly to the world's energy needs, both during the energy transition period and by establishing a strong capacity throughout the renewable energy value chain.

Mozambique's gas reserves anticipate a lower carbon footprint compared to coal or oil.

On the other hand, the document recognizes that the country's hydroelectric potential presents a competitive advantage for the decarbonization of regional industry. The Cahora Bassa hydroelectric plant has the capacity to generate 2,000 Mega Watts and the planned Mphanda Nkuwa dam is expected to produce up to 1,500 Mega Watts.

"The country also has a high solar potential, with two plants already installed with a total capacity of 80MW, in Mocuba and Metoro," he says.

(i) the definition by the country of a strategic plan for each energy source; (ii) the development of value chains and local industries linked to renewable energies and associated products; (iii) the attraction of the private sector, the promotion of economic liberalization and the promotion and facilitation of sustainable investment in infrastructure; and (iv) the management of the national energy portfolio and the improvement of the legal framework.

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