Terrorism: Mozambique asks international partners for lethal support, despite stability in Cabo Delgado

Terrorismo: Moçambique pede apoio letal à parceiros internacionais, apesar da estabilidade em Cabo Delgado

On Thursday (29), the Minister of Defense, Cristóvão Chume, reiterated his request to his international cooperation partners for lethal equipment to fight terrorism in Cabo Delgado province.

"The efforts that the European Union has given to other countries, which also suffer from the same phenomenon, could be shared with Mozambique and provide lethal equipment," said the Minister.

After a closed-door meeting with a delegation from the European Union, Chume said that in the current combat circumstances in the Northern Operational Theater, more than non-lethal support is needed.

"It's a question that we leave to the European bloc to continue its consultations, and maybe we'll have positive results for the second phase of the program," he said.

However, the Minister assured that the situation of attacks inspires relative security, as there are pockets of attacks. According to Chume, the terrorists have been weakened, and he urged the population to return to their areas of origin.

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