Mozambique march tomorrow in honor of Azagaia

Moçambique marcha amanhã em homenagem ao Azagaia

The civil society will even march tomorrow, (18.03.23), in Maputo city in honor of the rapper Azagaia who lost his life last March 09, at his residence in Matola.

A source connected to the organization of the march told MZNews that the march has just been authorized by the Maputo City Council, Eneas Comiche.

The march, which will have a police escort, will start at Alto Maé, Eduardo Mondlane Statue, from 8am and will follow the route AV Eduardo Mondlane, AV. Karl Marx, and the point of arrival, Independence Square.

The municipality of Maputo joins the municipalities of all the provincial cities in the country that will also march in honor of Edson da Luz, a true icon and hero of the Mozambican youth.

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