Mozambique seized 3.5 tons of drugs in 2023

Moçambique apreendeu 3.5 toneladas de drogas em 2023

The government announced on Tuesday that 3,596 kilograms of various types of drugs were seized last year, compared to around 2,500 kilograms in 2022.

The information was provided by the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Filimão Suaze, who said that several cannabis sativa cultivation fields had been incinerated.

The session analyzed the Report on the Evolution of Illicit Drug Consumption and Trafficking, and Suaze revealed that 923 citizens had been arrested in connection with drug trafficking crimes.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the highest numbers of hospital admissions for drug abuse include cannabis sativa and alcohol.

A total of 1,034 drug users were integrated into their families in 2023, an increase of 30% compared to 2022, and 1,973 home visits were carried out last year, compared to 1,580 the previous year, an increase of 24,79%.

The spokesman said that around two million people, mostly teenagers and young people, were covered by 19,850 awareness-raising talks on the harms of psychotropic substances last year.

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