A Mozambican is an alienated and non-peaceful being: an invitation to lucidity.

Moçambicano é um ser alienado e não pacífico: um convite à lucidez.

With the advent of events since 1994, when we ventured into the exercise of democracy, from one-party to multi-party to the introduction of local authorities, with all the problems and so many new ones that have never known balanced solutions, I can only say the following:

It's time for the Mozambican people to wake up from their state of political alienation. In my 30 years living in this country, I have only seen empty promises of improvements that never reach the majority of us.

While politicians and their cronies plunder the public purse, we stand by and watch. When will this culture of passivity in the face of systemic corruption change? Enough of calling our inaction "peaceful people". No! On the other hand, my people, let's assume once and for all that we really are an alienated people. Because peaceful would be a favor and a mistake at the same time.

Where is our voice in the decision-making forums that determine our destinies? There are hardly any channels for meaningful political participation. We all know that the party elites dictate everything between four walls and sometimes in a call paid for by taxes, while the ordinary citizen is not heard.

Just look at the poverty rates, the suffering from hunger and preventable diseases and conflicts. The glaring inequalities in the face of the illicit enrichment of the powerful. How long will we silently watch the brazen theft of resources that should be improving our quality of life?

Brothers and sisters, enough of this passive conformism. We have the right to prosper and live in peace on this blessed soil. That's why we must demand a profound political reform, with real popular participation, clean elections and a relentless fight against corruption at all levels.

Only a transformation of the foundations of the system will bring back our dignity, citizenship and the political prominence we deserve. Otherwise, we will remain alienated and on the margins of the democratic and developmental process. Let's do like other nations that have built concrete and open representative regimes aimed at the desires of their peoples and not those of a callous and bloodthirsty nature, who turn their faces away when our sons, brothers, grandchildren, girlfriends and husbands, etc. lose their lives in barracks and police stations without minimum living or working conditions.

Above all, let's wake up and overcome this apathy in unity of spirit. Only then, together, through peaceful demonstrations and concrete proposals, can we claim our rightful place in the sun in Mozambique.

I haven't said any more, this is just an invitation to be clear-sighted and not a mere message from the false narrative of useless pride in the appearance of being peaceful, while in reality we are alienated. Which is the worst state a people should be subjected to in a territory like Mozambique.


By: Lino Mucuebo
More about peaceful or alienated: verbalyzador.blogspot.com

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