Mnb: Guerrilla Campaign Censored

Mnb: Campanha de Guerrilha Censurada

Innovative Guerrilla Campaign and Pioneering Presence on the Tinder Platform: Mnb Reinvents Communication and Advertising Agency in Maputo.

The agency Mnb (Maningue Nice Brand) is redefining the boundaries of communication and advertising with an innovative guerrilla campaign that extends to digital media. Standing out as the first agency to exploit the Tinder platform, Mnb recognizes that communication and advertising are constantly evolving, and must be present in various media to reach different target audiences.

The agency has created an authentic profile on Tinder, using its own name and standing out as ENTP, an active personality on social networks, looking for long-lasting relationships and new experiences, and these are its possible future clients. This pioneering strategy aims to break down conventional barriers, approaching the public in a unique and innovative way.

Initially, Mnb tried to extend this innovative campaign to ATL (Above The Line) media, and encountered significant challenges: the bold nature of the guerrilla campaign was not understood and, unfortunately, it was censored due to the sensual image it presented.

Mnb responded creatively, replacing the controversial image with an apple, symbolizing the agency's forbidden and beloved fruit - the "Apple".Even so, entry into ATL media was difficult, leading the agency to focus on TTL (Through The Line) strategies and determined not to be silenced, the agency opted to share the campaign only online, in collaborations with newspapers such as our MZNews, which support innovative and out-of-the-box initiatives.

"We were challenged to think outside the box, and that's exactly what we're doing with this innovative campaign. We believe that effective communication should be everywhere, and our presence on Tinder is just an extension of this philosophy. We want people to get involved and have fun with our unique approach to advertising and communication," says Elsa Paul Catarino representative and CMO at Mnb.

Mnb invites everyone to embrace boldness and innovation on this unique communication journey, celebrating diversity and exploring new horizons in communication and advertising in Mozambique.

For more information, contact:
Team Maningue Nice
Mnb Agency
+258 84 444 00 69

About Agência Mnb:
Mnb is a communications and advertising agency in Maputo and Miami as "Maningue Nice Brand" and in Portugal as "Mesmo na Boa", dedicated to providing innovative and creative solutions to its clients. With a unique, client-oriented approach, Mnb is committed to pushing conventional boundaries and standing out in the communications and advertising landscape.

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