Ministry of Culture and Tourism supports first National Unity Gospel Festival

Ministério da Cultura e Turismo apoio primeiro Festival Gospel Unidade Nacional

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is supporting the launch today of the first Mozambique Gospel Festival - National Unity, which will feature artists and choral groups from the 11 provinces. The initiative to promote gospel music comes from LProduções.

A statement from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism says that the Festival is an initiative that has arisen in response to the country's need to increasingly reinforce the idea of national unity, with music playing a key role in this.

The event, the note says, is also a contribution to strengthening and celebrating cultural diversity through praise, but also to highlighting and promoting the gospel genre.

On the other hand, this movement will contribute to promoting the Maputo tourist destination and to boosting the economy, considering the movement of people and goods.

There will be 33 artists on stage, including choirs and soloists from all over Mozambique.

More detailed information about the festival will be given this Monday, April 22, at 10:30 a.m., at a Press Conference at the Mozambique China Cultural Center.

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