Ministry of State Administration defends progression by merit in the civil service

Ministério da Administração Estatal defende progressão por mérito na função pública

The Government, through the vice-minister of state administration and civil service demanded on Friday, to the human resources managers of the public sector, in Gaza, to privilege the progression by merit of the employees, with high professional performance.

Inocêncio Impissa, who was speaking in Xai-Xai, during his meeting with the human resources managers of the public sector at various levels, in Gaza, justified the action with the general statute of employees and agents of the state, which recommends the progression of employees with high competence in the exercise of their activity.

The human resources managers should permanently monitor the employees in consonance with their sector managers, in order to assess elements that allow the benefit of the progression by merit," explained Impissa, quoted by Radio Mozambique.

The governor also said that the same legislation also disqualifies employees with low professional performance, and that they should be demoted according to their annual classification.

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