Millennium bim innovates with new counter concept

Millennium bim inova com o novo conceito do balcão

Millennium bim is marking a new chapter in its history of innovation with the reopening of its branch in the Shoprite shopping center in Maputo city.

The reopening of this refurbished branch represents a strategic turning point, introducing an innovative image concept and a totally customer-centric service model.

The Shoprite branch is a modern and innovative space, designed to keep pace with developments in the banking sector and meet the growing demand for digital solutions.

We would highlight the many innovations implemented in the area of electronic banking at the branch, which ensure convenience and accessibility to banking services, with a set of features that provide Millennium bim Customers with total autonomy and availability, 24 hours/7 days a week.

Millennium bim reinforces its commitment to excellence by introducing a modern queue management system to optimize the service flow, providing a more efficient and faster experience, supported by automated solutions from cash management.

The branch will also have a digital pricing solution, an interactive platform that allows you to consult the updated price list, the exchange rate for the day, as well as the products and services on offer, providing customers with greater transparency and information.

The Chairman of Millennium bim's Executive Committee, João Martins, highlights the importance of this moment, saying: "This reopening is a significant step in our journey of innovation.

This new branch model not only represents a structural and image transformation, we are committed to offering differentiating experiences, which demonstrates Millennium bim's strong commitment to better serving our Customers."

This new branch model is currently being implemented in various parts of the country.

Millennium bim reiterates its commitment to continuous renewal and constant improvement of services, providing its Customers with a banking experience that stands out for its modernity, convenience and quality.

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