Thousands attend rapper Azagaia's last farewell

Milhares de pessoas marcam presença no último adeus do rapper Azagaia

The city and province of Maputo literally stopped to say goodbye to the rapper and social activist Edson da Luz, or simply Azagaia.

Early in the morning, and chanting verses of the rapper Azagaia, thousands of people from all walks of life marked their presence in the Paços do Conselho Municipal of Maputo city to witness what was the last expense of the rapper Azagaia.

Outside, the independence square became too small to accommodate the large number of people present to pay tribute to the musician.

In a wake that lasted a little over three hours of the time, and that was led by bishop emeritus Dom Dinis Sengulane, there were spaces for the reading of messages by various civil society organizations and representatives of political parties.

During the wake, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Edelvina Materula, said that the legacy of the social intervention artist is the preservation of arts and culture as factors of social cohesion, valuing national unity, solidarity and peace as determinants for the development of our Mozambique.

Recognizing the importance of correlation in the process of creation and cultural production, Azagaia shared his knowledge with musicians of all generations from country and with artists from other parts of the world, which is witnessed by the tributes and messages addressed particularly to the family, Mozambican artists, and society as a whole," said the minister.

Around him, the teacher and social activist Adriano Nuvunga said in his speech that Azagaia was a legend that inspires many young people. He described Azagaia as a man of courage who fought for social causes.

And it was amid tears and tears that the family spoke their last words praising the life and work of the artist and social activist.

"Bro Edson you were cheerful, intelligent, affectionate, the pain we feel is only softened by the beautiful words, memories that we feel and that we hold in our hearts," said one of the sisters, visibly moved.

An emotion that also took over the daughters who already miss their father. From both came messages about an incredible father, intelligent and caring . Saying, "Dad got the respect and admiration of everyone, not only from us the family, but also from the Mozambican people." with tears on their faces.

During the trip to the cemetery through some arteries of the city of Maputo, the urn containing the artist's remains was accompanied by thousands of people who described Azagaia as a hero of the people.

This situation forced Edson da Luz's widow to intervene, accompanied by her daughters and relatives, who pleaded with the police to allow the procession to continue. The urn should follow another route suggested by the police.

At the Michafutene cemetery, in the Marracuene district, the urn was received by a large human frame. People wanted to hurry and pay their last respects to the musician. The ceremony took place one hour later than planned.

Azagaia, one of Mozambique's most influential rappers, lost his life last Thursday at the age of 38 at his residence in the Kongolote neighborhood.

Azagaia became known in music with a style of social and political intervention. Among the songs considered polemic, the highlights are ?As mentiras da verdade? and ?A marcha?, the latter having record sales.

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