Mexer wants to leave Bordeaux and head to the Middle East

Mexer quer abandonar Bordéus e rumar para o Médio Oriente

The Mozambican central defender, Mexer Sitoe, has expressed a desire to leave Girondins de Bordeaux and head to the Middle East. This has not yet taken place because his transfer from the French club involves large sums of money.

Mexer said that the biggest proposals come from the Middle East, and ?after seven years in France, I think it's time to leave?

"If so far I remain at Bordeaux it is because the club demanded a lot of money from the interested parties and the deal did not move forward. I have several proposals, mainly in the Middle East and I hope to leave at any time" said the Mozambican defender.

In eight rounds, the left-winger has accomplished seven and scored a goal in the last game, held last weekend against Rennes, the team he represented before moving on to Bordeaux in 2019.

"It's clearly a good time for me. It does me good to play again, because it gave me back my confidence. After I failed my transfer to Boavista, the coach said he wanted me to concentrate on work, because he was counting on me," he remarked.

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