Are you out of a job? Check out the best tips for temporary jobs

Está sem emprego? Confira as melhores dicas para trabalhos temporários

O he world went through critical times due to the pandemic of covid-19. Many jobs have disappeared and, as a result, millions of people have fallen into unemployment. Despite this, recovery is slowly embracing all countries, in some it is no longer imperative to wear masks. Now is the time to gather strength, roll up our sleeves and get on with the battle.

In Mozambique, the relaxation of most restrictions seems to bring that long-claimed breath of fresh air. As the end of the year approaches, MZNews has prepared some tips that can help you get a temporary job in these times. For now, know that the clothing, household appliances, and food segments are the busiest and are hiring the most.

Temporary work (part-time) is that which has a start and end date of the contract, not exceeding 180 days - whether they are consecutive or not. The contract can, however, be extended for another 90 days.

Tips for getting a temporary job

To get a temporary job, you need to identify the opportunity positions, as well as create a resume specific to the position you want to fill. Check out below a series of tips to start working as soon as possible.

Know where the opportunities are

At the end of the year, most temporary jobs are in the retail sector. It is true that the country is in crisis, that stores are hiring fewer and fewer people, still, opportunities arise. As we have already said, it is worth doing some rigorous research.

Look for alternatives

To support the increased movement of commerce, opportunities also usually arise in the area of food and parking lots. The delivery sector should also be hot this year. Stay tuned, especially if you simply need to work, even if you are not very good at selling.

Experience is the least important thing at this time

One good thing about temporary positions is that they rarely require experience. If you are just starting out in the job market, this is a big advantage.

Temporary work can be the beginning of a career

Temporary work can be the start of a career because it is usually a kind of "laboratory" for companies, and they come out of it very well. If the employer realizes that you have potential, the temp job can turn into an actual job. So never take it on half-heartedly!

Make a tailor-made resume

When looking for a temporary job, especially if the focus is on year-end opportunities, it is important to create a special resume to apply for this type of vacancy. In the "objective" field, for example, keep all focus on the position at hand. "Even if you are an engineer, to get that job, you need to change the 'objective' to 'sales assistant' or 'stock clerk', exactly as you find it in the ad."

Highlight relevant experiences (if any)

In the job history, if you already have some experience with temporary work, highlight this information. If not, leave a very short history and work hard to describe your skills. "You can tell a little bit about what you can do."

Look for jobs that fit your profile

An important tip is to find out what you like to do and what you do best. "It is important to remember that there are not only sales jobs. This recommendation is essential because temporary vacancies are usually paid according to goals. In other words, if you are not good at selling and can't reach the proposed goal, you will not be paid according to expectations, even if you have worked hard.

Have Commitment

Even if the job has a deadline, show commitment by respecting the rules and doing the best you can. Do your job with commitment, be kind to customers and colleagues. When evaluating a potential hire, many companies take a professional's behavior into account more than his or her technical knowledge.


Take advantage of temporary work to learn everything you can - whether you have work experience or not. It's a great opportunity to do something different or do what you were already doing in a better and more current way.

Create a network of contacts

This is also a great time to meet people. If you pass a good impression, of someone who wants to work, to grow, and has the disposition, you certainly won't be forgotten in a time of open vacancies. Another tip: even if there is no actual vacancy when your temporary contract ends, keep in touch with people, showing genuine interest in them. Networking is always important to get a job.

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