Megaprojects earn the State about 8 billion Meticais in the 1st quarter

Megaprojectos rendem ao Estado cerca de 8 mil milhões de Meticais no 1º trimestre

The megaprojects installed in the country contributed 7.8 billion Meticais to the State's coffer from January to March, against 6 billion Meticais registered in the first quarter of 2020. The value represents a positive variation of 29%.

According to data from the Tax Authority of Mozambique (AT), of the total tax contribution from megaprojects channeled to the State, the highlight goes to the petroleum exploration sector, which grew 10% in 2021.

The contribution of that subsector grew from 3.4 billion Meticals in the first quarter of 2020 to just over 6 billion Meticals from January to March 2021.

In addition to oil exploration, the tax contribution from "other" subsectors grew from 276.6 million Meticais in 2020, to 292.3 million Meticais in 2021.

According to AT data, the mineral resource exploration and energy sub-sectors contributed the least fiscally to the state coffers in the first quarter of 2021.

The exploration of mineral resources earned the State 794.4 million Meticais from last January to March, against 829.4 million Meticais recorded in the first quarter of 2020. A reduction of 4.2%. The sub-sector of energy production channeled to the State 745.4 million Meticais, in 2021, against 1.5 billion Meticais in 2020, a reduction of 53%.

The source said that the total revenue recorded by the state in 2021 was 59.8 billion Meticais, compared to 54.6 billion Meticais recorded in the first quarter of 2020.

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