"MC Tru fá is still in time to come home," says Manuel de Araújo

​“MC Tru fá fá ainda vai a tempo voltar para casa”, diz Manuel de Araújo

The mayor of Quelimane, in Zambezia province, Manuel de Araújo, said today at a rally that Joel Amaral could still return to Renamo, after resigning as a member of the party.

"Remember that cunt Rasta who called him Tru fá fá? He went elsewhere [CAD] thinking that Renamo was over.... Tell him he's still in time to come home," he said.

Joel became known as "MC Tru fá fá" last year when he took part in the marches against the fraudulent results of the local elections, both in Quelimane and in Maputo city, in support of Venâncio Mondlane. He wrote the song "Tru fá fá", which was widely played during those marches.

Following his commitment to the masses, Manuel de Araújo appointed him as Councillor for Education and Culture in the Quelimane municipality.

On other occasions, as a member of Renamo, Joel Amaral "MC Tru fá fá" said that he would follow Venâncio Mondlane wherever he went. And recently, like others, he resigned as a member of Renamo to join the Democratic Alliance Coalition (CAD), which is spearheading Venâncio Mondlane's candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

Speaking to journalists as part of the march - to the sound of the song Tru fá fá - for his candidacy for the post of Governor of Quelimane, Manuel de Araújo said that he had accepted the challenge for the next general elections out of respect for Renamo's district delegates.

"But above all it's a march to celebrate the people of Zambezia province. Today we are here in the city of Quelimane and we are going to continue through all the districts of the province to thank, first of all, the trust of the district delegates who unanimously chose me to represent them. I couldn't say no. And even if they voted for me in my absence, thank you very much," he said.

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