March for Azagaia: Filipe Nyusi orders police investigation

Marcha por Azagaia: Filipe Nyusi manda averiguar a actuação da Polícia

The Commander-in-Chief of the Defence and Security Forces, Filipe Nyusi, ordered today the Ministry of Interior (MINT) to proceed to investigate the reasons that led the police ?to adopt a confrontational stance with young people who on the 18th of this month organized a demonstration in honor of the ?rapper? Azagaia, which resulted in injuries and damage among young people and passers-by?

Speaking at the Academy of Police Sciences (ACIPOL) at the XVIII Police Sciences graduation ceremony, Filipe Nyusi also urged MINT to ?identify those who seek to take advantage of the individual virtue of the ?rapper? Azagaia to achieve their goals?

"And because there were reports that there were people who wanted to take advantage of the situation to fulfill competing agendas and create disorder, the police were forced to act, which culminated in the disproportionate use of force," Nyusi said.

Also in his speech about the march the President of the Republic said that ?we want to say that we regret what happened and we will take the necessary measures to clarify what happened and to prevent these situations from happening again?

Filipe Nyusi also asked Mozambicans to remain vigilant against what he called acts that could divide and delay national development, calling on young people to distance themselves from ?these attempts at exploitation of any nature or origin?

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