Mali and Niger revoke tax agreements with France

Mali e Níger revogam acordos fiscais com a França

Mali and Niger have revoked two tax treaties signed with former colonizing power France, their governments said in a statement on Tuesday.

The declaration revoked a 1972 agreement with France that aimed to avoid double taxation and "establish rules of reciprocal assistance" in various tax matters. The other agreement had similar objectives, according to Reuters.

The two governments have accused France of maintaining a "persistent hostile attitude" towards them, which they say goes against the spirit of international cooperation and friendship that should govern the signing of tax treaties.

Both governments said that the conventions cause considerable losses for their countries, so they decided to end them within three months in order to ?preserve the greater interests of Malians and Nigerians?

Furthermore, France's persistent attitude against the two states has added to the unbalanced nature of these agreements, causing a considerable deficit for Mali and Niger," says a document shared by Mali's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on social media.

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