More than 200 employees have not been integrated into the TSU in Nampula

Mais de 200 funcionários não foram integrados na TSU em Nampula

At least 219 state employees and agents, out of more than 50,000 in all of Nampula's 23 districts, have still not been included in the Single Salary Table (TSU), a model for paying salaries that has been implemented in the country since 2022.

This is due, according to the authorities, to problems related to the functioning of the system used for the framework process and the beneficiaries themselves.

According to the head of the Secretary of State's office in Nampula province, Tomé Shakhushacha, quoted by the newspaper Wamphula Fax at the moment, employees in this condition are receiving their salaries on the basis of the old window, implemented by the state, and it is hoped that the problem will be overcome later this year.

Speaking during the 2nd mixed provincial forum for human resources managers, a meeting led by the Minister for State Administration and the Civil Service, Ana Comoane, as part of her visit last week, he stressed that "we've taken a big step, but we're still worried because at this point, we should be talking about zero unqualified employees".

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