World's largest sovereign wealth fund sets record and adds another $100 billion

Maior fundo soberano do mundo bate recorde e soma mais 100 mil milhões de dólares

Norway's sovereign wealth fund, valued at $1.4 trillion and thus considered the world's largest, managed to raise an additional $110 billion in the first half of the year.

The Oslo-based fund returned almost 14% in equities, and lost only 2% in fixed income investments. According to Executive Digest, unlisted real estate holdings gained 4.6%, while investments in renewable energy-related infrastructure were down 1.9%.

For Nicolai Tangen, executive director of the sovereign wealth fund for almost a year, "inflation is the biggest threat to stocks and bonds with a more vulnerable nature."

Since Tangen took over, the fund has made a public commitment to sustainability. The executive intends to target more investment to ESG-linked companies and limit the fund's exposure to emerging markets as part of the same strategy.

Created in the 1990s to invest Norway's oil and gas revenues abroad, the fund started earlier this year to put more money into the renewable energy investment portfolio. This change represents an expansion of the list of asset classes covered by this fund, which was limited to stocks, bonds and real estate.

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