Luísa Diogo defends the improvement of the business environment in the country

The former Prime Minister advocates the profound transformation of procedures, in the public and private sectors, for the improvement of the business environment in the country.

Luísa Diogo was speaking in Maputo, in a debate on the Economic Reforms in Mozambique, in the scope of the 20th anniversary of ACIS - Association of Commerce, Industry and Services.

The source pointed to the simplification of procedures in the tax area and the adjustment of legislation to the current challenges of the market economy as key aspects for this transformation.

Luisa Diogo, who also took over the Planning and Finance portfolio, understands that a good leadership associated with the efficiency of the organizational team, allows for example, to explore the vast potential of Mozambique, in sectors such as tourism.

In this prism, it advocates the simplification of procedures, in situations such as, for example, the attribution of travel visas and the reduction of barriers to trade and the circulation of tourists. 

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