Chibabava-Temane line will be ready by next November

Linha Chibabava-Temane estará pronta até Novembro próximo

The 110 kva line, which starts from Casa Nova in the Chibabava district of Sofala, will take the electric current to the northern districts of Inhambane. The construction work for three substations and a 240 km high voltage line should be completed by November of this year.

The project is divided into three lots, namely, lot 1 which comprises the supply and assembly of 240 km of 110 kV line from the Casa Nova substation (Chibabava - Sofala province) to the Temane substation (Inhassoro - Inhambane province) supported by 672 towers and has an execution level of 95%. At this moment, the construction of the connection towers on the Save River is in its final phase, one on the north bank and another on the south bank of the river.

Lot 2, which comprises the construction of three substations, being a 110/33kV, 16 MVA substation in Casa Nova, another 110/33 kV, 40 MVA substation in Temane, and a last one of 33/11kV, 2X10MVA substation in Vilankulo are with an execution level of 92%, and are in the final phase of equipment installation.

Lot 3 is the construction of 174 km of 33kV medium voltage network, construction of 88 km of 0.4 kV low voltage network, installation of 76 33/0.4kV transformer stations, installation of 1,380 public lighting lamps and connection of 10,500 new consumers, whose physical structure is at 30%, but all the necessary material is already in Vilankulo.

382 medium voltage poles have already been installed, of which only 19% of the programmed amount. There are, still, 7 km of medium voltage line launched, which is equivalent to 4% and 375 new consumers have been connected, out of the 10 thousand programmed.

At this point, 670 towers have been built out of the 672 scheduled, laying 222 km of the line out of the 240 km planned.

Civil works are still in progress at the three substations, where the assembly of electrical equipment at the Casa Nova and Temane substations' outdoor park has already been completed. All the material is in the field, excluding relays that are being tested.

For the Vilankulo government, with more power on the way, it will be the end of the ordeal of having electricity in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, because according to the local Administrator, several times the resorts have resorted to generators to be able to light their enterprises.

With the operationalization of this line, it is expected to improve the quality of power supply for the population of the districts of Vilanculos, Inhassoro, Guvuro, in Inhambane and Machanga and Muxungue in Sofala.

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