Shrimp and crab catching licenses generate 200 million meticais

About 200 million meticais were generated during the first half of 2021 through licensing for shrimp and crab catching, a performance valued at 56%.

According to the Deputy Director General of the National Fisheries Administration, Cassamo Júnior, in this performance, the highlight goes to the licensing of industrial fishing operators, whose revenues were 155 million meticais, about 61%.

In the semi-industrial sector, revenues were 37 million, while in the artisanal sector, the figure was 1 million meticais, which corresponds to 57 and 8%, respectively.

In terms of product catch, shrimp saw a growth from 1340 in 2020 to 1518 in the period under review.

This species also had a 38 percent increase in average daily yield.

Besides shrimp, the crab had a positive performance, having already been caught around 850 tons in the period in reference.

The numbers are positive, but challenges for sustainable fishing still persist in the country

"We need to keep working to improve compliance with the management measures and so that we can quickly have better results," said Cassamo Junior.

"Equally, it is necessary to improve statistical information, develop studies, with a view to taking the right management measures, especially with regard to enforcement."

These are only preliminary results. This year, the country expects to collect overall about 420 million from the fishing activity, of which 344 million is from shrimp and crab licensing.

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