Kenmare sets record in second quarter ilmenite production

Dublin and London-based Kenmare Resources, which operates the Moma titanium mineral mine off the coast of the northern province of Nampula, announced Wednesday it had set a record for ilmenite production in the second quarter of this year

In a statement, the company noted that it produced 41% more heavy mineral concentrate compared to the same period last year where the higher grade and volume resulted in the extraction of 283,000 tons of ilmenite - an increase of 35%. 

The other two minerals mined from the mine also showed increases over the same quarter in 2020: zircon production increased 28% to 14 900 tons and rutile increased 47% to 2 200 tons.

According to Kenmare's managing director Michael Carvill, "Market conditions for ilmenite, and titanium raw materials in general, remained strong in Q2 2021, with prices strengthening quarter on quarter. The outlook for zircon also continued to improve, with price increases during the quarter and continuing to date."

Kenmare also revealed that it is taking steps to protect its staff and the local community from the effects of Covid-19.  

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