Jeff Bezos wants to build space colonies to save the Earth

Jeff Bezos spent about 10 minutes in a rocket and four minutes in a gravity-free environment, but it seems to have been enough to make him dream of life outside of planet Earth. The former Amazon CEO believes that humanity should prepare to leave the planet and head towards Space.

Quoted by the newspaper El Economista, Jeff Bezos says he has realized that it's time to find an alternative plan - and that this plan may involve building space colonies. This ambition of the world's richest man goes beyond space tourism (of which the trip he made yesterday may be an example).

The idea will even be to expand beyond the stratosphere, in search of new resources. In this sense, industries will also have to prepare themselves to change planet in order to reduce the environmental impact of their activity on Earth. In this way, it would be possible to save the home of humanity.

The same publication indicates that the colonies mentioned by Jeff Bezos would be kilometers long and capable of housing one million people. For now, they are just a theory or an object from movies and science fiction series, but the billionaire believes that they could be a solution to the problems faced by Earth. In his opinion, this will be the only way to guarantee the continuity of the human race.

The Moon would be the first possible destination, given its proximity to the Earth. Here, millions of people could live and work, developing new resources to compensate for the growing needs of those who remain on Earth.

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