Jeff Bezos leaves a gift on Earth before he leaves for space. Guess what it is?

Jeff Bezos deixa um presente na Terra antes de partir para o espaço. Advinha qual é?

Days before Jeff Bezos left for Space, the millionaire left a gift. His space company Blue Origin will donate $200 million to the National Air and Space Museum, located in Washington D.C..

Of the amount donated, $70 million will go toward renovating the museum building, with the remaining $130 million allocated to launching an educational center on space science and engineering.

We had a long-term vision, but we didn't have the resources, now we can do what we always wanted to do, reach out to rural and disadvantaged communities," Lonnie Bunch, the Museum's general secretary, told Business Insider.

Obviously we are the ones who will have the final say when it comes to content, although the presence of a Blue Origin ship in this space is not out of the question. We're counting on Jeff's creativity," assured Bunch.

The Virgin Galactic flight takes place today and will last approximately 11 minutes. This trip will allow passengers to "float" in a microgravity environment and observe the curvature of the Earth in space.

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