Israel considers flooding Hamas tunnel network in Gaza with seawater

Israel pondera inundar com água do mar rede de túneis do Hamas em Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are considering going ahead with the plan orchestrated in November to flood the webs of tunnels under the Gaza Strip used by the Palestinian group Hamas with water.

The Israeli military has already installed water bombs about 1.6 kilometers north of the Al-Shati refugee camp. The intention is to bring Hamas terrorists to the surface, according to the American newspaper Wall Street Journeyl.

The plan involves pumping thousands of cubic meters of seawater per hour and flooding the tunnels used by Hamas militants to protect themselves from Israeli forces. This means that within weeks the militants would not be able to hide and protect themselves in the tunnels.

Israel has not confirmed the plan, but a source in the Israel Defense Forces told the WSJ that "the IDF is operating to dismantle Hamas' terror capabilities in various ways, using different military and technological tools."

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