Visa exemption for 28 countries will only take effect 30 days after publication in BR

Isenção de visto para 28 países só terá efeito 30 dias após a publicação no BR

A source connected to the Ministry of Tourism contacted by MZNews said that the visa exemption for the 28 countries, approved by the Council of Ministers last Tuesday, will only take effect 30 days after its publication in the Bulletin of the Republic (BR).

See the news of the 15th of the current day with the title "Mozambique announces visa waiver for 28 countries" to learn more about the topic.

"First it has to be published in the BR which in principle should come out next week and will not take immediate effect," our source advanced.

The source also said that "this is an instrument that will introduce reforms, of course the government would be interested in having the effects as soon as possible, but there are mechanisms to be put in place before putting it into practice."

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