Flooding leaves some neighborhoods in the capital without electricity

Inundações deixam alguns bairros da capital sem energia elétrica

Nine hundred families in the Polana Caniço, Triunfo and Inhagoia neighborhoods in Maputo city have been temporarily left without electricity due to flooding affecting some Transformer Stations (PT).

A note from Empresa Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), quoted by "Notícias", indicates that the flooding caused disruption to the power distribution network. It forced an interruption for 900 customers, 800 in the Triunfo and Polana Caniço "B" neighborhoods, and 100 in Inhagoia.

According to the same note, connections are only being made to houses that meet safety conditions via neighboring PTs.

As a result, electricity was restored to some homes in the Triunfo and Polana Caniço "B" neighborhoods. In the Inhagoia neighborhood, it is still necessary to identify a high location for the installation of a PT, since the area in question is located in a low-lying area and is prone to flooding.

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