Public and private institutions owe $25 million to EDM

Instituições públicas e privadas devem 25 milhões de dólares à EDM

Public institutions, namely the State corporate sector, and private institutions owe $25 million to Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) and plans are underway to clean up the debtsaid this Thursday the company's president.

"We have already managed to have debt payment agreements with some companies and they have been complying," said Marcelino Gildo, in statements to the media quoted by Lusa on the sidelines of the launch of an electricity system in Ngauma district, Niassa province.

Marcelino Gildo advanced that the majority of the debtors are from the state business sector, but private entities are also responsible for an important portion of the charges.

EDM's president said that the lack of payment for electricity consumption takes away resources needed for the company's investment capacity and its full participation in electrification programs throughout the country.

He said that the company is focused on helping the country reach the United Nations goal of universal energy access by 2030.

"Now we are focusing on the Energy for All Program, which contemplates the electrification of all Mozambicans by 2030," he emphasized.

Currently, he continued, electricity reaches 40% of the Mozambican population, with 36% receiving it from the national grid and about 4% through alternative sources.

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