INSS recovers more than 19 million meticais owed by taxpayers

INSS recuperados mais de 19 milhões de meticais devidos por contribuintes

The provincial office of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) in Inhambane recovered around 19,400 thousand meticais in debt from taxpayers during the first quarter of this year.

According to a publication by the institution, the figure represents an achievement of 174.33% of the planned target of collecting 11,121,767.70 meticais throughout the province in the period in question.

It states that the amount was collected from 1,484 companies and employers who had not yet channeled the deductions made from workers' salaries into the system.

The INSS in Inhambane points out that 7.5 million meticais has been collected from the largest debtor in the province. The company's 183 workers were prevented from claiming any of their benefits from the INSS due to the employer's irregular situation.

Exceeding the target was due to a combination of more flexible measures and methodologies, including awareness-raising talks and bilateral agreements, the document says.

In recent times, the INSS has held many meetings throughout the country to persuade and raise awareness among different groups, including taxpayers and workers from different sectors of activity, in order to reflect on the impact of the debts incurred by some taxpayers to the compulsory social security system, resulting from the failure to channel the deductions made from workers' salaries.

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