INCM may approve new telephone promotional packages

Mozambique's National Communications Institute (INCM) will evaluate more than 200 proposals from mobile phone operators in the country to create new mobile service packages.

"There are a number of measures that have been and will be implemented. Operators continue to submit packages. Today we already have more than 200 packages being submitted by operators," said Adilson Gomes.

The INCM spokesman explained that the operators' proposals aim to meet the needs of different social strata and customer groups.

According to the head of INCM, in an interview with Radio MozambiqueAs a result, the operators were not checking the regulated limits for establishing or carrying out service promotions.

There were excesses. And the regulator sat down with the operators to establish reasonable benchmarks for the minimum cost of promotions," he said, noting that there were "promotions with up to 99 percent discounts for data and 95 percent for voice calls".

In the INCM's view, even promotions that "make sense", sent to customers on a commemorative date, in the long term are corrosive for the operator and, ultimately, for the customer.

"This is the situation in the market that forced this regulatory measure. And we realized that it would have a direct impact, especially on habits and for certain layers that benefited from these services."

The INCM determined with the operators that the application of promotions must be "reasonable" so that they "do not exceed the limits of sustainability". Another measure was to give young people discounts of more than 60 percent on the cost of communication; "zero" cost for academic access (websites and repositories) by all citizens; and a discount of up to 75% for access to the websites of public institutions, including start-ups.

New mobile phone tariffs have been in force in Mozambique since May 4. The voice service has dropped from 6.00 to 5.00 meticais per minute; the data service from 2.30 meticais to 1.00 metical per megabyte; and the messaging service (sms) has dropped from 1.7 meticais to 1.1 meticais per sms.

He explained that the amounts agreed with the operators are within what can be sustainable for the continuity of the business and the commitments to the state.

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