INCM announces new telecommunications tariffs today

INCM anuncia hoje as novas tarifas nas telecomunicações

The Mozambican National Communications Institute (INCM) announced today, in Maputo city, new telecommunications tariffs to come into force throughout the country from Saturday, May 4.

The event will be attended by representatives of the three mobile phone operators licensed in Mozambique, namely Mcel, Vodacom and Movitel.

It should be remembered that in March, following rumors of a rise in telecommunications rates, the INCM guaranteed that there would be no increase in the rates for communications services in the country, clarifying that only a few limits would be placed on the operation of mobile phone companies.

"In fact, the tariffs have not been revised upwards, they remain as they are. The current tariff for the voice service, for example, costs 6 meticais and mobile data costs 1 metical. So, as a regulator, we just want to set operating rules," explained INCM spokesman Massingue Apala.

According to the official, the operators' commercial packages should remain within the stipulations, so that no service is provided below the minimum tariff, adding that the widespread idea of price rises may be linked to a lack of information.

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