Mozambican importers advise against traveling to South Africa

Importadores moçambicanos desaconselham viagens para a África do Sul

The Association of Small Importers of Mozambique (Mukhero) today called on its members to avoid entering South Africa due to the risk of violence, following demonstrations that began today in the neighboring country.

"It's not worth crossing the border into South Africa," Mukhero president Sudekar Novela told Lusa.

Novela warned of the danger of "immediate death" for foreigners in South Africa, due to the violence that usually characterizes protests in the country and the xenophobia that accompanies this type of action.

Citizens of other countries who depend on imports from South Africa "cannot enter at this very moment", he stressed.

The president of Mukhero warned of the possibility of a food shortage in Mozambique, given that the country depends on South Africa for supplies of various goods.

The situation, he continued, will be aggravated by the fact that Mozambique's agricultural production has been compromised due to the impact of the recent natural disasters.

Since today, South Africa has been experiencing a general strike called by the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), led by Julius Malema, against the electricity crisis, crime and high unemployment.

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