HIV: Europe is where the epidemic is growing the most

HIV: É na Europa onde mais cresce a epidemia

The WHO Regional Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, said on Friday that it is on the European continent that the HIV epidemic is growing the most, despite the fact that all the treatments for the disease are available there.

In a statement quoted by the international press, it revealed that half of the people in the European region receive a late diagnosis because they arrive at health care too late.

"This trend has not changed in the last 10 years. In several countries in our region, mortality rates are unacceptably high, in others, HIV transmission has been almost completely interrupted," he wrote.

In the document, he noted that the epidemic has become a "normal chronic disease", and people on treatment can live long and healthy lives without transmitting the virus. He called for financial and sound policy support for community leaders.

On Tuesday, the United Nations HIV/AIDS program said that AIDS could be eradicated as a public health threat by 2030 if governments and donors provided the means to communities on the ground where the disease is fought.

There is currently no effective vaccine against HIV infection, but there are drugs that prevent HIV infection from developing into AIDS if treatment is started early.

The news about the spread of HIV in Europe comes as the President of Zimbabwe announced significant progress in HIV prevention on Friday. Thus, in the country, 96% of adults know their status; 96% of adults living with HIV are on treatment and 93% of adults on treatment have a suppressed viral load, reveal UNICEF data published in July 2023. This means that the country has successfully achieved the 95-95-95 objectives of the Joint United Nations Program in the fight against the disease.

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