Helena Kida says there was a lack of common sense in pricing notary services

Helena Kida diz que faltou bom senso na marcação de preços dos serviços notariais

The Minister for Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs admits that there was a lack of common sense when it came to marking up the prices of documents that are processed at registry offices. To this end, Helena Kida apologizes for the error, adding that there will be further escalation.

The government, through Ministerial Diploma No. 12/2023, at the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs, had increased notarial fees by more than 100%. According to the Executive, this increase was aimed at adjusting the table to the current social, economic and technological context.

Documents such as birth certificates, which used to cost 115 meticais and in the light of the new law approved on February 7, will now cost 500 meticais, registration of births after the stipulated deadline, which used to cost 50 meticais, will now cost 100 meticais, opening marriage proceedings, which used to cost 1,010 meticais, will now cost 3,000 meticais, criminal records for scholarships, which used to cost 270 meticais, will now cost 2,000 meticais, among other updates.

However, according to the minister, quoted by the newspaper "The Country", the new diploma ceased to have value and was only for internal consumption, stressing that "the lack of reasonableness determined the annulment of the document, so he apologizes to the whole of Mozambican society".

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