Forbes Group launches magazine dedicated to Lusophone Africa

Grupo da Forbes lança revista dedicada à lusofonia em África

The Emerald Europe publishing group announced this Tuesday the launch of Forbes Africa Lusophone magazine, which will cover, with an issue every two months, themes dedicated to the six lusophone African countries.

"Forbes announces the launch of Forbes Africa Lusophone magazine, the first international title to cover Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe as a whole with economic potential united by the Portuguese language," reads a note.

The magazine, the statement adds, "aims to bring into the spotlight the great entrepreneurs alongside the most innovative 'startups' that make up the business fabric" of these six economies whose Gross Domestic Product (GDP) "together is around $100 billion.

"We are stronger together and we will connect Lusophone entrepreneurs, so that we create real synergies that come out of the paper and influence, for the better, the community," said the editorial director of the new project, Nilza Rodrigues, quoted in the note.

The team, composed entirely of Portuguese-speaking elements, has already launched the first edition, which "has 'cohesion' as its watchword, in the sense of the unity it intends to achieve, respecting the differences of each country, but united in economy and culture.

An example of this can be found on the cover of the first issue, "photographed by Herberto Smith from São Tomé and having as model the Portuguese Mauro Lopes, of Angolan and Cape Verdean descent.

Forbes Portugal and Forbes Lusophone Africa have been owned, since last April, by Emerald Group, through Emerald Europe, its European subsidiary focused on impact investing and innovation, which owns 40% of the digital newspaper Polígrafo and thus sees its presence in the Lusophone media reinforced, the statement concludes.

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