Grindrod is the Best Company in Mozambique

Grindrod é a Melhor Empresa em Moçambique

Grindrod was recognized as the Best Company in Mozambique in the XXV Edition of the prestigious survey, "The 100 Largest Companies in Mozambique" (2023), carried out by KPMG Mozambique.

Grindrod's dry bulk terminal at the Port of Maputo (Grindrod Moçambique Limitada) demonstrated exceptional performance in a number of parameters, securing the top spot with an impressive score of 485 points, placing it in the number one position for the Best Company in Mozambique for 2022.

This achievement is attributed to the company's remarkable turnover growth of approximately 355%, resulting in 98 points.

In addition, Grindrod excelled in Return on Turnover (84 points) and Equity (96 points), demonstrating its robust financial situation and operational efficiency.

Pedro Alberto Poh-Quong, Grindrod's General Manager of Operations in Mozambique, said that "this recognition is the result of the commitment and dedication of the entire Grindrod team. These results are an acknowledgement of the effectiveness of our strategies and the continued trust in us, our customers and shareholders."

KPMG's annual survey of the 100 Largest Companies in Mozambique is a prestigious reference, highlighting the excellent performance, success and excellence of the participating entities.

This comprehensive assessment underlines KPMG's unwavering dedication to promoting transparency, credibility and competitiveness in the business landscape.

By offering valuable information and analysis to society, the survey serves as an indispensable tool for stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making and driving sustainable growth.

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