Government in grey area over FMA's fate in LAM management

​Governo em zona de penumbra sobre destino da FMA na gestão da LAM

The government has reservations about moving forward with the possible decision on whether or not Fly Modern Ark (FMA) will continue to manage Mozambique Airlines (LAM).

"Regarding the renewal or conclusion of the contract, I say that these are aspects that are under discussion. They have very critical details. As a government, we understand that they all need to be properly perfected before taking any steps," said the Deputy Minister for Transport and Communications.

When asked about the incumbent government's level of satisfaction with the current restructuring process at LAM, Alissone said that this still depended on performance indicators.

"Right now we have to evaluate the performance indicators. They haven't arrived at the table yet, and only after that will we evaluate and take a firmer stance," he said.

Asked about the FMA's recurrent denunciations of sabotage at LAMAmilton Alissone said that, in principle, "management" anomalies detected in a company should be referred to the competent authorities.

"[But also], it's a process of managing a company and, when you're in it, the entities responsible may feel they have to share some information of public benefit," he said.

He clarified that the government is committed to supporting LAM to get back on its feet, so that it can become a safe, competitive company capable of guaranteeing domestic and regional air connections.

The Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Amilton Alissone, made these statements on the sidelines of today's signing of the addendum to the Port of Maputo concession contract, between the government, represented by him, and the Director General of the Port of Maputo Development Company, Osório Lucas.

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In a recent meeting with journalists, the FMA refused to answer whether or not it would continue to work at LAM, given that the contract ends next April. At the time, it stressed that the focus was on understanding the scheme to embezzle millions of dollars through P.O.S and late cash deposits.

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