Government says there are no conditions to declare a State of Emergency in Cabo Delgado

Governo diz não haver condições para decretar Estado de Emergência em Cabo Delgado

The spokesman for the Council of Ministers said today in Maputo, there are no conditions to declare a State of Emergency in Cabo Delgado province, which is witnessing an upsurge in terrorist attacks

"It is not yet understood that the conditions have been created for a State of Emergency or State of Siege to be declared in Cabo Delgado. This is not yet the case," said Filmão Suaze, refusing to go into the issue "because it was not the subject of a decision at the Council of Ministers session" held today, and whether this could influence this year's electoral calendar.

It should be noted, however, that the Prime Minister, Adriano Maleiane, considered the possibility of the government declaring a State of Alert in the province and that the matter would be discussed at today's session. [See first hyperlink].

The spokesperson also declined to comment in more detail on the prevention strategies underway by the government and other partners to guarantee security in Cabo Delgado, in a possible situation withdrawal of the SADC Military Mission (SAMIM). From Suaze's point of view, there are still no elements whose nature allows for data sharing.

"But as you can imagine, the government is attentive and is doing everything it can to ensure that, regardless of the departure of the SAMIM force, we continue to have the conditions to fight terrorism and guarantee security for the population at such a level that the fact that a certain force has left or another has remained doesn't stand out," he assured.

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