Government challenges decision to halt cowpea exports to India

Governo contesta decisão que trava exportações de feijão-bóer para a Índia

The Mozambican government, through the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), announced on Wednesday that it is filing a legal challenge to the decision of the Administrative Court which, almost a month ago, suspended the process of exporting pigeon peas to India..

The suspension, which is the result of a lawsuit filed by the company Mazua Comercial, which is contesting the liberalization of exports, to the detriment of the establishment of quotas, has taken the government by surprise, accusing the business group of compromising a process designed to bring wider benefits.

"To our surprise, one of the operators filed a lawsuit in the Administrative Court, asking for the export quotas to be maintained, because in his opinion, his business was being harmed. The Court not only upheld this action, but also prohibited the ICM (Mozambique Cereals Institute) from continuing to issue Certificates of Origin, along the lines of the opening agreed with the Indian government, thus jeopardizing the opportunity to export more beans," explained the Minister of Industry and Trade, Silvino Moreno, during the parliamentary session of questions to the government held on Wednesday.

In view of the prevailing dispute, Silvino Moreno, quoted by Revista Terra, said that "at the moment, a challenge to the court's decision is underway, under the terms of the law, and it is our expectation that we will soon have the matter resolved".

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