Gaza: Malawians detained over possession of other people's documents

Gaza: Retidos malawianos na posse de documentos alheios

Twenty-one Malawian citizens, including a woman, have been detained in Gaza province, caught in possession of someone else's documents. They were on their way to South Africa.

Speaking to the newspaper, the spokesman for the Provincial Migration Directorate in Gaza said that the group was preparing to travel to neighboring South Africa.

The source explains that the citizens were questioned on Wednesday in Vila da Macia, having entered the country through the Zóbuè crossing point, bound for South Africa.

"They were neutralized after an anonymous tip-off, when they were looking for transport to continue their journey to neighbouring South Africa, after the transport company they were following had left them at the Road Transport Association in Vila da Macia," explained Nhanombe.

The foreign nationals were referred to the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) for further proceedings.

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