Gaza expects to produce over 221,000 tons of agricultural products

Gaza prevê produzir mais de 221 mil toneladas de produtos agrícolas

The province of Gaza, especially the district of Chókwè, expects to produce in this second season of the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign, more than 221 thousand tons of various products in an area of more than 15 thousand hectares.

Cited by Radio Mozambique, the Administrator of the district of Chókwè, Eceu Muianga, highlights in this production, the corn crops and several vegetables, whose harvest has already begun.
According to Eceu Muianga, nearly 14,000 tons of various products have been harvested so far.

?the process of distributing diverse seeds is underway at this moment, in different communities, to empower the producers who lost their crops in the field, due to the floods?, added Muianga.

As for the first season, the source advanced as preliminary data, the harvest of 11,000 tons of rice, corn and vegetables.

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