Gas will maintain upward trend but should come down after winter, analysts say

Gás vai manter tendência de subida mas deverá descer a seguir ao inverno, afirmam analistas

Natural gas prices are expected to continue their upward trend in the coming months, but will fall after the winter, provided geopolitical tensions do not worsen in major producers, writes Efe news agency.

According to analysts contacted by the Spanish news agency, the rise in natural gas prices, which is dragging down the price of electricity across Europe, is due to the economic recovery, the rise in demand in Asia, especially in China. And by the fact that it is seen as the main transition energy until the full implementation of renewables.

"If you look at futures market prices, gas would have a rise of 4 or 5% at most, and from there, in the months of March or April, you could see a sharp drop, of 20 or 30%, which doesn't mean that's what will happen, he explained. 

Bank of America anticipates that the natural gas price hike will be around 30% in September and 7% in October. 

The energy company Aldro Energia considers that the upward trend in prices will continue because the factors that sustain the increase remain,. However, it is expected that when the winter ends the demand will decrease and prices will balance out again. 

Prices, recalls Efe, "were relatively low at the beginning of the year and are currently far from the historical highs registered in 2005. 

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