Piped cooking gas will reach 400 more families this year

Gás de cozinha canalizado vai chegar a mais 400 famílias este ano

The government will make more connections to supply piped cooking gas to around 400 homes in Maputo city this year, the National Director of Hydrocarbons and Fuels at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) said today.

Moisés Paulino João guaranteed that there are technical and financial resources to make this project a reality, but did not reveal the amount that will be "drained" for the project. He said that this work is part of the government's program to massify the use of clean energy in the country.

"We're doing it in phases, depending on our financial conditions. At the moment, Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos is supporting this promotion," he said.

The pilot project began in the city of Maputo, and is now being implemented in the north of Inhambane province, with the plan then being implemented in Sofala province. The prospect, he said, is to cover the whole country, through the intervention of the private sector.

He also revealed that the government's goal is to ensure that 50% of the Mozambican population has access to and uses clean energy, namely cooking gas, by 2030. Read more...

"For cultural reasons, we're not going to say that this objective will be achieved within this timeframe. Time will tell, and people will realize that gas is cleaner and an alternative to coal and firewood," he warned.

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