Galp among the best companies to work for in Mozambique

Galp entre as melhores empresas para trabalhar em Moçambique

Galp Mozambique received the ?Elite Employer? certification, a recognition that distinguishes the company as an ?excellent? place to work in the country. The second edition of the national benefits study indicates that Galp establishes and implements internal policies on benefits, career and well-being that contribute to the professional progress of its people in a healthy and creative environment.

We want Mozambicans to see Galp as the best company to develop their career, reconciling their personal and professional goals with a positive impact on society; these "Elite Employer" results validate our ambition," says the CEO of Galp Mozambique, Paulo Varela. The ability to train, attract and retain is an essential pillar of Galp's corporate purpose in managing its people,? he adds.

The Elite Employer program is based on measurable data obtained from a benefits study that is built on the analysis of four pillars; Compensation & Benefits ? value-added offerings; Career ? Investment in training / growth opportunities; Work Environment ? Openness to innovation, anonymous reporting channels in case of harassment, fraud or other; and Culture ? Inclusiveness, pride in being part of the team.

Marlena Chambule, Director of People and Organization, was proud of the distinction. Being a great place to work means constantly innovating on the policies we dedicate to our people: creating flexible work solutions, ensuring safety in the workplace, launching merit-based programs and competence development plans. This is what we have done and will continue to do to retain the title of elite employer.?

Elite Employer is a certification program designed by Tempus Global Group to recognize organizations that value their employees, invest in the well-being of their people and want to stand out as a place to work in Moc?ambique.

The second edition of the program evaluated the human resources perspective of organizations and a sample of workers.

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