Finland donates 18 million euros to the education sector in Mozambique

The Government of Finland has donated 18 million euros to the education sector in Mozambique for implementation of the strategic plan for "improving the quality of education" in the countrythe embassy announced today in a communiqué quoted by Lusa.

The donation results from the signing of an agreement between the two countries, which "reaffirms the will and commitment to improve the quality of education and access to learning opportunities for all," Finland said in the document.

In addition to supporting the implementation of the fourth Education Sector Strategic Plan in Mozambique, the amount will also contribute to "minimize the pressure on the sector in responding to covid-19."

The amount was channeled through the Common Fund for Support to the Education Sector (Fase) and is expected to cover the years 2021 and 2022.

"Finland pays special attention to equality and inclusion in education, particularly in girls' access to school, bilingual education, school management and teacher training," the embassy concluded.

According to the statement, Finland has provided Phase with about $135 million since 2003.

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