Finally, TikTok has reached all ages

Finalmente, TikTok já chegou a todas as idades

New research indicates that people aged 25 to 54 already spend more time per day on the short-form video app than on rival platforms.

A survey shared by the Inside Intelligence website, cited by Notícias ao Minuto, indicates that TikTok is no longer just an application dedicated to teenagers and young adults, noting that the app has already reached other age groups.

The survey indicates that users between the ages of 18 and 24 spend 1h49 per day on the app, with people between the ages of 25 and 34 not far behind, spending 52 minutes inside TikTok every day.

The same is true for people aged 35-44 and users aged 45-54, who spend 48 and 46 minutes (respectively) per day uploading or watching videos on TikTok.

The research in question indicates that TikTok is already a success across all ages, with the three age groups from 25 to 54 spending more time per day than on rival apps - namely Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

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