Filipe Nyusi can now wake up to a nightmare. There will be no third term!

Filipe Nyusi já pode acordar para o pesadelo. Não haverá terceiro mandato!

The end of Filipe Nyusi's term in office is almost a certainty. After nine years in power, the President of the Republic could see his dream of being re-elected for a third term turn into a nightmare.

Last week, the spokesperson for the Frelimo party, Ludmila Magune, said that there would be no third term.

Speaking on the Center for Public Integrity "CIPCast"She was peremptory in responding negatively to the idea of going for a third term.

"Even for this electoral process, when there was talk of a revision of the constitution, the voices outside said that the Frelimo party wanted the constitution to be revised because they wanted to increase one more mandate. The result is that none of this has happened. There is no room to discuss a third term, because this is not the position the party has been taking," he said.

On the other hand, voices are beginning to emerge indicating Nyusi's possible successors. Among the nominees are the current Minister of Agriculture, Celso Correia, and other Frelimo cadres such as Aires Ali, Luísa Diogo, José Pacheco and Alberto Vaquina. The latter two were drowned out by Nyusi in the internal elections that nominated Armando Guebuza's successor.

Officially, the date on which the party's Political Commission will meet to draw up the list of candidates from which the next Party President and, as a rule, the presidential candidate will be chosen, has not yet been announced.

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