Ferryboat acquired in 2015 makes its first trip this year in Tete

Ferryboat adquirido em 2015 faz a sua primeira viagem este ano em Tete

The Manherere ferry, a ship purchased in 2015, has never been in operation since, due to some malfunction or other in one of its two engines.

Faced with this situation, the Governor of Tete province, Domingos Viola, challenged his executive to put the boat into operation, given the impact it would have on the transportation of people and goods using the waterways of the Cahora Bassa dam.

The governor's challenge was carried out and the answer came from Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa itself, which assumed the repair and general maintenance of the vessel, and that this Monday (19) delivered it to the Provincial Executive Council of Tete province for its inaugural trip.

On the occasion, the president of HCB, Boavida Muhambe, said that the repair of the ship was within the scope of HCB's policy of social responsibility, telling TVM that the repair was 100% carried out by HCB technicians at a cost of about 1.6 million meticais.

For the Governor of Tete, Domingos Viola, the entry into operation of the ship represents a boost for the region's economy and tourism.

The vessel was initially intended to ply the route between Caliote in the Cahora Bassa district and Zumbo, with stops in Chipera in the Magoe area.

The Manherere, named after a village in the Cahora Bassa district, has a capacity of 94 passengers plus cargo. (ClubofMozambique)

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