Fátima Taquidir is the winner of the Imprensa Nacional/Eugénio Lisboa Award 2023

Fátima Taquidir é a vencedora do Prémio Imprensa Nacional/Eugénio Lisboa 2023

Fátima Taquidir, who competed under the pseudonym Gaiaguango, is the winner of the 2023 edition of the Imprensa Nacional/Eugénio Lisboa Prize for her work Disrupção.

Consisting of Lucílio Manjate (Mozambique), in his capacity as President, Sara Laisse (Mozambique) and Paula Mendes (Portugal), the jury decided to award the prize to Disrupção, by Fátima Taquidir, on the grounds that this work constitutes "a daring and pleasing combination of historical and psychological novel, which explores both the paradox and the synthesis of landscapes and cultures, with the author using description as a technical expedient of remarkable imagistic and symbolic scope, combined with careful documentary research."

Disrupção explores, in a consistent and captivating way, the scenario of the civil war in Angola, the backdrop used by the author to represent a whole troubled world, universalized by the development of the plot through various other spaces: Portugal, Brazil and Cuba, where family and social ties are in constant rupture.

The jury also decided to award two honorable mentions to the originals Demónios na terra dos anjos, by Geremias Mendoso (1996, resident in Nampula), signed by the pseudonym Maria de Fátima José, and As patas de elefante do meu pai, by Gonçalo Cardoso (1988, resident in Maputo), signed by the pseudonym Moze.

The Imprensa Nacional/Eugénio Lisboa Prize includes the publication of the winning work, as well as the award of a cash prize of ? 5,000 (five thousand euros) to the winner.

A total of 42 texts competed for this year's prize.

The Imprensa Nacional/Eugénio Lisboa Prize was created in 2017, in partnership with Camões ? Portuguese Cultural Center in Maputo, by the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, fulfilling its mission of promoting and preserving the Portuguese language, and aims to select unpublished works of high quality in the field of literary prose. In addition to the monetary component, it also includes publication of the works honored in each edition, thus encouraging Mozambican literary creation. Fátima Taquidir should see her work published next year by the Portuguese publishing house.

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